Abadak Wilderness Adventures offers opportunities to clients to experience the Newfoundland Wilderness through a variety of outdoor activities in the Flat Bay Territory;


Fishing: Atlantic Salmon, Land Locked Salmon

The Bay St. George region is host to ten active salmon rivers and dozens of small streams and ponds with an abundance of brook trout. You can enjoy spin cast fishing from the shoreline, trolling, and/or fly fishing.

Hiking: Experience hundreds of kilometers of resource gathering roads and numerous game trails, all shaped by the terrain that the creator provided. Or hit the beach and as an ever-changing shoreline awaits your footfalls.

Family Adventures: Spend your family vacation in the great Newfoundland wilderness. Take in fishing, sightseeing, storytelling, boat rides, bonfire, and cookouts.

Rest and Relaxation: an added bonus included in all of our adventures. Stare into the clear night sky and breath in the fresh air.

Canoe Trips: join us for an invigorating experience along the waterways of Flat Bay and Bay St. George. Spend an hour or a day with us in the backcountry following the paths of our ancestors.

All of our experiences a land-based and highly customizable. Our experienced guides will show you how our people have kept traditions alive for hundreds of years through oral history and the transfer of knowledge from generation to generation.