What we offer you...

Abadak Wilderness Adventures offers opportunities to clients to experience the Newfoundland Wilderness through a variety of outdoor activities;

Big Game Hunting: Moose, Woodland Caribou, Black Bear

Let our experienced guides (1 to 1 Ratio) take you on the adventure of a lifetime. We tailor our hunts to meet your need, weather it might be; glassing, stalking, calling, sitting in designated areas near prime animal trails, or hiking. We have sought out the prime hunting sites in the area and prepared them for your comfort. Game is recovered with ATV, skinned and hung in the meat-house. Each animal harvested, as well as trophies taken, will be treated with the utmost care and respect -as is the Mi'Kmaq way.

With a moose population exceeding one hundred and twenty thousand (120,000), a Woodland Caribou herd of forty thousand (40,000) and a black bear population of ten thousand (10,000), Newfoundland is virtually a big game hunting paradise.

We have two Black bear seasons, spring and fall, and hunters are allowed two bear per licence.

Meat and trophies can be shipped through Central NL Shipping (Michelle Thoms 709-651-4427) to the US. Central NL Shipping makes one meat shipment to the US per year, in December. Arrangements can also be made for shipping within Canada. We will update shipping cost on a seasonal basis.

Fishing: Atlantic Salmon, Land Locked Salmon

The Bay St. George region is host to ten active salmon rivers, and dozens of small streams and ponds with an abundance of brook trout. Victoria Lake (25 miles long) and its tributaries are rich with Ouaninish and Atoqwa'su. You can enjoy spin cast fishing from the shoreline, trolling, and/or fly fishing.

Hiking: Seventeen Kilometres of abandoned logging road and numerous game trails, all shaped by breath-taking mountain terrain and an ever changing shoreline await you.

Family Adventures: Spend your family vacation in the great Newfoundland wilderness. Take in fishing, sight seeing, boat rides, bonfire, cook outs, etc.

Rest and Relaxation: an added bonus included in all of our adventures. Stare into the clear night sky and breath in the fresh air.

Tia'mui'sit is also able to cater to the physically challenged and offers comfortable private and semi-private accommodations, hot and cold running water, indoor and outdoor washroom facilities, showers, satellite telephone service and a meat storage facility, experienced guides, hardy home cooked meals. The lodge, although modern is not equipped with a television simply because we have a tradition of storytelling, joking, and entertaining our guests while inviting them to join in the overall fun.